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Choose the Best Free Ecommerce Website Builder in UK: 6 Ecommerce Website Builders to Keep in Mind

Looking for the easiest, fullest-featured, and best free ecommerce website builder in UK? Check out these 6 ecommerce website builders!

Sharing your message with the world requires the help of social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, a dash of LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr, but, that is not enough. If you want a powerful online presence that represents you or your organization, you need a customized ecommerce website. A website gives you a control over the content you share, the photos you upload, and the design. This lends credibility to your organization, business or personal brand.

It is never been easier to set up a design-forward and professional-looking website. The ecommerce websites builders are constantly improving and new website builders are popping up all the time.

Having a dedicated and real website makes a business seem more trustworthy and authoritative than an Instagram or Facebook presence. Building your own website used to require a lot of tech wizardry, for example, knowledge of servers, FTP, HTML, and web hosting services. Lucky us, we live in the age of online store builders and the services included allowing you to make a mobile-friendly, well-designed, and simple website with basic technical knowledge.

The free ecommerce website builders vary in the amount of bandwidth and storage they allow, so before you decide to use one, we recommend you to read the small print to discover how much you get with each provider.

If you are looking for the easiest, fullest-featured, and best free ecommerce website builder in UK, stop looking and take a look at these 6 options:

1. Duda – This ecommerce site builder offers everything you need to build and host a mobile-friendly, rich, and full-featured website. It has a clear interface, a strong mobile website building feature, social media integration, and free accounts to help you sell products online. The downside is that there is no third-party widget store and no email newsletter integration.

2. Simvoly – A great ecommerce site builder that offers all the tools you need to create a responsive-design and good-looking website with a high level of customization. It has a user-friendly, clear, and drag-and-drop interface. It is customizable, attractive, and comes with responsive templates. The downside is that there are no editing tools.

3. GoDaddy – A relatively new website builder. It is easy to use, perfect for beginners, and delivers modern and responsive-design websites. This website builder is perfect for building websites for mobile and desktop viewing. It offers generous bandwidth and storage. The downsides – limited design and layout customization.

4. Strikingly – This best free ecommerce website builder allows you to create a modern and well-designed website with ease. It is very simple to start the process of designing a website. You can check the sample websites and built-in templates. You can count on good looking responsive designs for desktop and mobile. There are fewer templates to choose from, than other websites builders on this list.

5. uCoz uKit – This website builder offers everything you could want to get a mobile-friendly and commerce-capable website online. It has a slick interface and an easy blogging tool. The downsides – lacks mobile website customization and there are no website statistics included.


6. – A low-cost choice for website development and blogging. There are good-looking templates to choose from, the website can be transferred, and the prices for the paid plans are pretty reasonable. There is no drag-and-drop option and the customization of the page layouts is limited.

So many website building choices. Analyze, compare, and decide which ecommerce website builder suits your needs the most.

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